(©Talia Real Sp. z o.o.)

Time of construction: 10.2016-Q4.2017
Area: above 27,800 square metres
General contractor: HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Krakow
Investor: Talia Real Sp. z o.o.

Characterisation: Construction of a single-story shopping and service centre with a shopping gallery space, a cinema and a grocery shop. The area of the facility will amount above 27,800 square metres. As a scope of works a car park for ca. 700 vehicles, an internal roads system and a technical infrastructure will be built.

The centre will be distinguished with architectural values in the scope of a form and finishing materials. The building was designed so that its architecture could combine with the local tradition of glass production, e.g. tinted glass – panels will be set in the front facade.

- The Galeria VIVO! Krosno shopping centre was awarded the 1st place in the contest "Construct Safely” 2017 (“Buduj Bezpiecznie”), organized by the Chief Labour Inspectorate – District Labour Inspectorates.

(©HOCHTIEF Polska)