Time of construction: 09.2004-11.2008
Area: almost 12,000 square meters
Cubage: 71,743 cubic meters
General contractor: HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Krakow
Investor: Opera Krakowska
Characterisation: The modern building for the Krakow Opera was created as a reconstruction of the former manège, which was enhanced by a new structure on its backyard.
The design (prepared by Romuald Loegler, in cooperation with Piotr Urbanowicz and Grzegorz Dresler) has embedded the historic building in the contemporary shape of the Opera House. A smart combination of tradition and modern trends has been achieved due to the skilled harmony of the new buildings and the beauty of old structures.
The entire complex consist of three integrated parts: administration and technical building, main opera house with seats, stage and audience zones, and commercial building with box-office lobby, space for lease and restaurants.
The main entry to the Opera was left in the existing building and was enriched by many glass surfaces and changed into the foyer. The new part, in addition to the main room of the theater seats 761.
The stage is 443 square meters and includes an orchestral pit (121 square meters). The opera also includes rehearsal rooms, dressing-rooms, a coffee shop, a restaurant, shops, as well as an administration and technical space.