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Time of construction: 03.2011-12.2012
Total area: above 30,000 square metres
Nett floor area: 12,000 square metres
Number of flats: 167
General contractor: HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Warsaw
Investor: Ronson Development

Characterisation: In the 2nd stage of the Gemini resodental complex in Warsaw two buildings with 167 flats with an area of 40-135 square metres, services premises, offices and two-storey underground garage were constructed.

The complex meets top architectural standards and best usability requirements (large wooden windows, spacious terraces, loggia and balconies). The facades and interiors of the common spaces are made of top quality construction materials. The central part of the complex includes a generally accessible green area and a children's playground. In addition to its excellent public transport links to the city centre, the Gemini residential complex is not far from a bicycle path leading to popular leisure areas. It has a very attractive location in direct neighbourhood of an underground station.

During 2008-2010 HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Warsaw realised the 1st stage of the Gemini residential complex (total area: about 25,000 square metres, nett floor area: above 12,100 square metres, number of flats: 151).