Revitalisation of the historic buildings will be finished in January, 2018

HOCHTIEF Polska signed a contract for the revitalisation of two buildings in the complex of the Koneser Praga Center, located in the former Koneser Warsaw Distillery in Praga district. The project investors are Grupa Liebrecht & wooD and BBI development BFI S.A. The contract value was agreed to be kept confidential. HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Warsaw will start construction works in June 2017. The buildings are planned to be completed in January 2018.

The scope of the project includes revitalisation of two historic buildings in the commercial part of the Koneser complex: the building “G” with three overground storeys and single-storey building “I”. The total usable floor area of the objects will be nearly 1,560 square metres. The purpose of the planned works is rebuilding and adaptation of the buildings for catering function.

“The Koneser Praga Center is a revitalisation project on an unique scale. The area is under the care of the monuments conservator and the existing buildings are being restored manually, brick by brick. We care very much about the highest quality of realisation of the Koneser complex. Therefore we have decided to once more cooperate with the proven partner, HOCHTIEF Polska, who handles  such a delicate matter very well” – said Mariusz Kozłowski, Chairman of Liebrecht & wooD Poland.

Revitalisation of two objects in the Koneser Praga Center is the second order for HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Warsaw in this project. Within the scope of the first order three new office buildings with commercial and service area (“H”, “O” and “P”) as well as a commercial and service building (“F”) with a total area of 32,000 square metres are being constructed.


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