Prestigious awards for buildings done in Gdansk, Poznan and Warsaw

Three projects, built with the participation of HOCHTIEF Polska, were awarded in the XXVII edition of the prestigious ”Construction of the year” competition, organized by the Polish Society of Civil Engineers with cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction as well as the General Office of Building Control. The award ceremony took place on 27 June 2017 at headquarters of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (NOT), in Warsaw.

Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk, built in 2014-2017 by consortium of HOCHTIEF Polska, HOCHTIEF Solutions, Warbud (leader), won the “Construction of the Year” title (the 1st degree award) in the individually assessed buildings category. This is an object made of seven-storey inclined, partly trained, tower of 40 meters high and a six-storey underground part. Besides exhibition halls, there are also lecture and conference rooms, cinema, library, archives, storages for exhibits and underground garage. Total area of the building is approximately 58,000 square metres.

Energy from Waste (EfW) in Poznan, built in 2014-2016 by consortium of HOCHTIEF Polska, HOCHTIEF Solutions (design and construction of industrial buildings, internal and associated road infrastructures together with systems) and Hitachi Zosen Inova (construction technology), won the “Construction of the Year” title (the 2nd degree award) in the industrial objects category. It is Poland’s first project implemented in the formula of the Public-Private Partnership in the waste management sector. A public partner of this investment is the City of Poznan, and the SUEZ Zielona Energia company fully acts as a private partner. Annually, the EfW plant in Poznan will produce electricity and heat from approximately 210,000 tonnes of waste. One of the main elements of the EfW process line is a concrete waste bunker. Its walls occupy approximately 13,000 square metres, and their height reaches 35 m. Approximately 4,300 cubic metres of the concrete was consumed to build the bunker. Besides the communication pylon, whose walls are 43.5 m high, was built. The constructed area of the EfW is 11,535 square metres. Construction of the plant in total consumed 19,000 cubic metres of field concrete and 3,000 tonnes of reinforcement steel.

The 2nd stage of the Business Garden Warszawa complex, built in 2014-2017 by HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Warsaw, won the “Construction of the Year” title (the 2nd degree award) in the office buildings category. The projects is made of four buildings with seven overground levels and two underground levels as well as one six-storey building with one underground level. The complex was made using modern design and technical solutions, in accordance with the guidelines of the LEED Platinum certification. Total area of the buildings is approximately 102,000 square meters.