On November 6th the Founders affixed their signatures to the constitutional documents of the Foundation for the establishment of buildingSMART Polska.

The objectives of the Foundation include the development of the basic principles of the functioning of the organization for entities operating in the construction industry which integrates activities related to BIM technology at both the national and international level. buildingSMART is an independent international non-profit organzation setting trends for the digitalization development in the construction industry by means of defining open international standards for information sharing.

“One of the key principles in our everyday work is innovation understood as continuous development of our technical competence and enhancement of quality of our services through new and better ways. That is why we decided to become one of the founders of the organization, which aims to develop new technologies in the construction business. BIM is the future of construction. I am very happy, that we will build this future together with partners from the construction industry” – said Henryk Liszka, CEO of HOCHTIEF Polska.  

“BIM is a tool of effective gathering and sharing of information that are important and needed at every stage of investment during the building process. openBIM is a concept of open BIM data exchange through IFC and BCF formats that are promoted and developed by buildingSMART. The BIM workflow implemented since last eighteen months at HOCHTIEF Polska is largely based on the openBIM concept. This is an additional reason, why we look forward to co-creating buildingSMART Polska – the national branch of the organization that provides conditions for better cooperation in the construction business” – said Leszek Wlochynski, the Leader of BIM Team at HOCHTIEF Polska.    

The bodies which will realize the purposes of the foundation are Founders’ Board, Management Board and Operational Team.

The members of the Founders’ Board are the presidents of the Founders’ companies, namely: Henryk Liszka (HOCHTIEF Polska), Jerzy Werle (WARBUD), Andrzej Golawski (MOSTOSTAL Warszawa), Robert Protynski (ELECTRA M&E Polska), Zbigniew Zajaczkowski (MOTA-ENGIL Central Europe), Maciej Kopanski (ENGIE Technika Instalacyjna).

The following persons are members of the Management Board of the Foundation: Klaus Boede as the President and Adam Glema, Jerzy Rusin, Leszek Wlochynski as Vice-Presidents.

Also the interdisciplinary Operational Team was constituted with: Wojciech Kalisz, Konrad Majewski, Kamil Stolarski, Tomasz Zychiewicz. The Operational Team will recognize and recommend to the Management Board of the Foundation the best organizational and substantive solutions, which serve to the future buildingSMART Polska association.

The Programme Committee of the Foundation shall consult the Foundation’s operations with the representatives of the governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Please visit www.buildingsmart.pl for more details.