HOCHTIEF visibly improved its earnings situation in FY 2003. According to the preliminary financial statements, the Group generated some EUR 220 million in operating earnings (EBITA), marking strong growth of about 40 percent over the prior year (EUR 157 million). Other preliminary results: Earnings before taxes (EBT) improved approximately 30 percent to almost EUR 159 million over the prior year. The superb EBITA and EBT growth mirrors both an earnings swing in German and European construction activities and success in international markets. The average number of employees in the HOCHTIEF Group grew from 33,100 in 2002 to 34,039 in 2003.

„We are innovation leaders and have forged ahead in our transformation from a traditional construction firm to an international construction services provider. We continue to aggressively pursue this strategy. In doing so, we enhance the value of our business - and that is what our stockholders recognize.” – said Dr. – Ing. Hans – Peter Keitel, CEO of HOCHTIEF AG.