The construction of the state-of-the-art edifice for the Cracow Opera commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Opera and Operetta in Cracow. The historic importance of the project (realized by the Kpis-Cracovia Branch) was emphasized by the representatives of the Government, City Hall and Management of the Opera who were present at the ceremonial embedment of the erecting deed for the new complex at 48 Lubicz Street on 30th October 2004.

‘The City needed one more crown. And the Opera is a synthesis of the culture of the City, its citizens and artistic expression’, highlighted the Minister of Culture, Mr Waldemar Dąbrowski. The managing director of the Cracow Opera, Mr Piotr Rozkrut, did not hide his satisfaction that the implementation of the project was started: “I am very delighted that after all those years the Cracow Opera sees that breathtaking moment when the erecting deed is embedded in the construction site. We have passed the point of no return. And all signs in heaven and on earth show that this contemporary building will be constructed at last, and that it will be ready soon.”

The guests invited to the ceremony could see the outcome of the initial work, which had just started a few weeks earlier, but already allowed to close the earth-moving stage. The “ground zero” status should be reached in November 2004 to enable the commencement of the over-the-ground erecting phase in January 2005 and the completion of the as-built stage in April 2006.

The design (prepared by Mr Romuald Loegler who was assisted by Mr Piotr Urbanowicz and Mr Grzegorz Dresler) has embedded the historic building in the contemporary shape of the Opera House. A smart combination of tradition and modern trends has been achieved because of the skilled harmony of the new buildings and the beauty of old structures.