HOCHTIEF Polska, Kpis-Cracovia Branch completed in July this year the construction works at the Qubus Hotel Kraków, which have been carried out since November 2004.

The grand opening of the hotel completed on commission of Echo Investment took place on July 28th, 2006.

The building is located in the historical district of Podgórze, between Port Solny, Krakusa and Nadwiślańska Streets, in close proximity of the district of Kazimierz. It has been designed by Autorska Pracownia Architektury Urbicon Sp. z o.o. as a complex of three buildings. The complex is composed of a four star hotel with 194 rooms, a restaurant, pubs, a recreation centre, a shopping mall, a conference centre of a total area exceeding 500 m2, and an underground garage.

The total area of the complex is 12,002 m2 and its volume is 46,095 m3.

As this modern hotel was developed in historical surroundings of the old town in Kraków, appropriate architectural solutions were applied to match the concept of the building with the existing facades in the 19th century Podgórze area.