HOCHTIEF Polska Branch Budokor has completed the construction work on the Meridian Apartment Building, which was begun in 2006. The investor for this state-of-the-art residential building in the centre of Warsaw is Ronson Development Investment Sp. z o.o. This is the fifth residential project accomplished by HOCHTIEF Polska together with the RONSON Group, last week's Warsaw Stock Exchange debutant.

MERIDIAN is the first modern building erected in this so far neglected part of the capital. Close to brewery ruins, a deserted dairy, ruined stores and derelict municipal houses, a building distinguished by its interesting architecture has been erected, announcing a revitalisation of the whole area including the space between Okopowa and Żelazna as well as Grzybowska and Chłodna Streets. It also is a step towards the restoration of the pre-war character of Chłodna, at that time a promenade in the city centre. HOCHTIEF Polska has started work on another interesting project in this area, the PLATINIUM TOWERS in Grzybowska Street.

The Meridian residential building is among one of the most interesting housing projects in Warsaw. The designer is Marek Mierzejewski - an architect from MKC Architekci Studio. The form of the building resembles a horseshoe, open to the south, so as to provide (contrary to other tenement houses of the centre) sufficient light to all the apartments and at the same time creating an enclave giving relaxation to the tenants. This is one of the purposes of the inner patio, where a Japanese style garden with a cascade and a brook has also been laid out. You may also admire the garden from Chłodna Street, because the architect designed a gate made from glass components. The facades of the building were made from sandstone combined with white plaster, perfectly contrasting with the mahogany windows and glazed balustrades. The interiors of the building are also finished to an equal level of sophistication. The entrance lobbies create a special impression with their unique amphibious marble finish. The luxurious apartments provide the future tenants with unlimited arrangement possibilities, including linking adjacent apartments into one.
The building's location in the centre of Warsaw, in Chłodna Street, ensures excellent transport links to all the city's quarters. It is worth noting that the new City will be erected here, surrounded today by WTT (former DAEWOO) and the HILTON hotel.

Two hundred and six apartments covering a total area of 14,200 square meters have been designed for the building plus seven service-providing premises. Tenants will have their own parking bay in the two-level underground garage.
"Even though the standard of the building is high and prices of construction materials and services are "raging", the excellent work done together by the contractor, investor and architect, has made it possible to obtain a very friendly economic project specification along with a completion date on time. According to the information provided by the developer, there are still a few apartments available in the building," said Witold Czajka, Contract Team Manager of HOCHTIEF Polska Oddział Budokor.