Today at 8.00 pm Von der Heyden Group starts the opening ceremony of the multi-purpose building known as Andersia Tower in the centre of Poznań. Von der Heyden Group is both project investor (in collaboration with Poznań City Council) and developer.
Construction works were carried out by HOCHTIEF Poland Budokor in collaboration with HOCHTIEF Poland Poz-Building.

The twenty-storey Andersia Tower has a height of 102.10 m and was erected in the centre of Poznań in Anders Square, in the vicinity of the Old Market and MTP.
The building is an example of an intelligent structure housing office space, hotel rooms, as well as a commercial complex.
The lower storeys are occupied by a four-star hotel with 171 rooms, a conference hall, four reception rooms for 800 guests and a commercial complex. Hotel guests will have the possibility to enjoy their time in the fitness club, sauna, steam bath or swimming pool.
The uppermost ten storeys house A-class office space.
Two underground storeys provide parking, with about 200 parking lots.
The total usable floor area of the building is 35,000 m2 and total volume is 184, 846 m3.

The building was designed by Ewa and Stanisław Sipiński Architecture Studio Sp. z o.o. and features state-of-the-art technologies of interior design and development.
The simplicity and elegance of the hotel interior was created by means of subtle, yet distinct colours, as well as the stone and wooden panelling used for the wall finishing. The hotel also offers very functional reception rooms, where adjustable partition walls allow for a multitude of space arrangement options. A unique, decorative ceiling adds to the attractiveness of the reception rooms.
The characteristic elements for all the hotel rooms are the state-of-the-art design and airy interior finish, including glass screens with built-in swivel TV sets and transparent bathroom walls.