HOCHTIEF Polska Budokor Branch has just signed a contract with Grupa LOTOS S A to construct a power switching station at the Group's Gdansk refinery. The station will consist of five buildings.

The new venture is part of LOTOS Group's PLN 5.6 billion "Program 10+" project to increase the output of its Gdansk refinery by 75 per cent from 6 to 10.5 million tonnes per annum.
HOCHTIEF Polska Budokor Branch will be building several new, state-of-the-art systems at LOTOS's Gdansk plant as part of the Group's plans to expand the refinery, all of them perfectly safe for the environment. The facilities will produce sulphur-free fuel while limiting heavy metal and dust emissions.

The contract provides for the construction of six installations with a total usable area of 8,112.85 sq m and a volume of 44,167 cubic metres together with access routes and auxiliary systems.
The power switching station complex includes:
- the main power distribution building, code named GBDM,
- a 110/10kV switching station GPZ3,
- a new 10kV substation S31/TIR,
- control building H2S TIR,
- a new 10kV substation S32/TIR/S33.
The above facilities will be automated reinforced concrete units that do not require servicing.
Electric power will be distributed by the main power distribution building and the GPZ3 switching station.
Process system equipment and engines will be powered by the new S31/TIR and S32/TIR/S33 substations.

The switching station complex was designed by the company managing the project, Fluor S.A. Gliwice.

The project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2008.