On Friday the 3rd of October 2008 the general contractor of the football stadium in Lubin - the consortium of PeBeKa S.A., HOCHTIEF Polska and HOCHTIEF Construction Sport Facilities - put the symbolic perch over the building.
The stadium investor is Zagłębie Lubin S.A. of the Capital Group KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

The new football stadium at Maria Skłodowska-Curie Street in Lubin had reached its intended height. The symbolic perch hung from the girders of the steel roofing construction of the stands at a height of 20 metres, in about a year after beginning design work and 7 months after beginning execution.

To maintain the continuity of football games the construction is conducted in two stages. The first, with consent for use shall be completed in February 2009. Before the beginning of the 2009 spring round the stadium shall fulfil all the requirements of UEFA, PZPN and the law, connected with the organisation of mass events. In the following months work shall be finished on the west side of the stadium, together with the construction of a new club building, containing changing rooms and rooms for the teams, a VIP area, office, restaurant part, and also a press and television centre. The second stage shall be completed in December 2009.

Currently work in Lubin continues on the construction and covering of the roof of the stands, the building of toilets and first aid points under the stands and a range of finishing works on the stadium stands. Most important from the football viewpoint is however the comprehensive execution of the grass sward establishment. On the surface of the pitch irrigation and under-heating installations are tested. The digging of the irrigation channel is underway, in order that 8,000 square metres of sward may be laid in the next few days. The special grass grows in Bavaria and as soon as the pitch under surface work is finished refrigerated lorries shall bring it to Lubin.
Simultaneously with works of the first stage some works of the second stage are executed - the main stand and the main building.

The intended capacity of the Lubin stadium is for 16,000 spectators. All the stands in the stadium shall be roofed. In the building there shall also be a VIP area, a press centre and fully equipped sanitary and technical infrastructure.
Due to the technology applied during building and the logistics solutions, the stadium shall satisfy the requirements of PZPN and UEFA for stadiums of class 3.

The stadium design was created in the design offices of Mierzwa-Architekten of Leipzig in corporation with HOCHTIEF Sport Facilities, a unit specialising and experienced in the planning and execution of sports facilities.