Third commercial complex in Gdansk in HOCHTIEF Polska's portfolio.

HOCHTIEF Polska Budokor Branch signed a contract with Fashion House Gdańsk to expand the Fashion House Outlet Centre in the Gdansk district of Szadolki. The contract under which HOCHTIEF Polska is to construct stage two of the mall that will be located south of the existing building, is also going to include end-to-end development of the site's technical infrastructure. The contract volume was agreed to be kept confidential.

The single-level building was designed as an L-shaped open space hall with the longer side measuring 129.9 metres and the shorter one of 113.4 metres in length. The final building will be a steel structure with multiple naves and no underground level. Its height at the tallest point will reach 17.33 metres. The total area of the new part of the Fashion House Gdansk Outlet Centre will be 9,924 square metres, including 9,543 square metres of usable area. The expanded part of the existing building will host some 56 shops and is scheduled to be completed in November 2009.