Nowy Dom Jabłkowskich Office Building to be completed in summer 2011 - Residential buildings at Sokratesa Str to be completed in Q1 2012.

HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Warsaw signed two construction contracts: HOCHTIEF Polska will construct a commercial building called Nowy Dom Jabłkowskich (New Jablkowscy House) in the city centre of Warsaw and a residential complex at 13 Sokratesa Str. in Bielany, a district of Warsaw. Both contract values were agreed to be kept confidential.

The Nowy Dom Jabłkowskich Building is an investment by a company of LHI Leasing Polska Sp. z o.o. Group. The six-storey building, which is to be located at the junction of Chmielna and Bracka streets, will have a base area of approx. 4,800 square metres. Its ground floor has been designed to include shopping venues and services. The remaining floors will be used for offices. The project also comprises a two-level underground car park. The construction work commenced in January 2010 and will be finished in June 2011.

The other contract launches a residential project, which is the first stage of the Sokrates Park housing complex. It provides for development of two buildings with a total of 297 apartments and a 274-car underground garage. In the future, the complex will offer approx. 600 apartments, eight shops and a gym. The project is a group of six-storey buildings based on an interesting architectural concept, with additional penthouses located in the seventh and eighth add-on storeys and spacious rooftop terraces. It is neatly supplemented with carefully designed passageways, small architecture, green areas and playgrounds. The project is based on an order placed by Sokratesa Development. One of its key advantages is its proximity to the Młociny underground station and to major forest and leisure areas. Construction work is to commence in February 2010 and is expected to come to an end in Q1 of 2012.