HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Poznań completed the shell of an office complex in the centre of Szczecin

A symbolic ceremony was held on 22 February 2012 to commemorate the completion of the raw state of the Brama Portowa office complex in less than 15 months after completion of the office and utility facility began.

The project provides for constructing the modern office complex of two buildings (Brama Portowa I and Brama Portowa II) in the centre of Szczecin, at Brama Portowa square. Brama Portowa I will be a six-storey building having more than a 4,500 square meters of office and commercial area with 22 underground parking spaces. Brama Portowa II, on the other hand, will be a seven-storey building with 36 parking spaces. Its total floor area will amount to 8,000 square meters. The investment developer is SwedeCenter.

HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Poznań commenced the construction work in December 2010. Until now, the shell of an office complex and the roof construction works have been completed. HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Poznań is now carrying out elevation and finishing works. The installation works has also been started.

The project is being implemented with the application of ecological solutions enabling application for LEED certification. In accordance with the rules of sustainable construction, the project will be equipped with innovative water and energy saving systems, optimal access for sunlight, waste degradation, and roofing providing protection against the “heat island effect”, and bicycle parking spaces for the lessees.

Construction work is scheduled for completion in autumn of 2012.