Following the opening of the new terminal at the Wrocław – Strachowice Airport, its capacity will be over 3,5 million passengers per annum

On February 28th, 100 days before the start of EURO 2012, a symbolic ceremony was held at the International Airport in Wrocław to open the new passenger terminal. The contract for expansion of the airport was performed by a consortium of HOCHTIEF Polska and HOCHTIEF Solutions.

The scope of works included construction of the new terminal with a usable area of 38,670 square metres with the infrastructure and equipment of the new location. The cubature of the structure is over 328,000 cubic metres. The works began in September 2009 and ended in February 2012. The project's gross value amounted to more than 300 million zlotys.

The new terminal was designed to comply with IATA's standard C, as a hall with three above-ground storeys and one underground storey. The complex includes both airside and landside functional zones. The project also involved the construction of paved areas with a total surface area of over 60,000 square metres, which include access roads, yards and a parking lot with more than 1000 places. The most advanced solution is the modern luggage control system, complemented by a visual surveillance system with more than 400 cameras and 3 surveillance stations with 24 36-inch video screens. The airport passengers will use one of the longest escalators in Wrocław which connects the main hall with the observation deck at the kiss & fly zone.

The airport in Wrocław will receive the first passengers in March. Once the new terminal is open, the annual number of passengers using the airport will be over 3,5 million.

"We are very satisfied and happy to turn the finished structure over to the investor. During its expansion, we took the opportunity to employ the experience and skills acquired in similar previous assignments. However, a project of this significance to the entire region also brings challenges, where one of the most demanding difficulties involved building the complex and beautiful steel structure of the terminal building. The main pillars which support the roof structure resemble structural parts of airplanes, propellers and struts, which symbolically express the nature and purpose of the building, while giving a sense of lightness and space. The roof slope is an incredibly interesting object of architecture and construction, being a set of interpenetrating arch girders and high-quality airport solutions (including the luggage transport system and the jetways), which follow modern global trends in civil aviation," says Maciej Kamiński, Area Manager at HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Poznań.