Another industrial project in HOCHTIEF Polska's portfolio of orders

HOCHTIEF Polska signed a contract for constructing a sequence hall along with the adjacent staff facilities for Volkswagen Poznań Sp z.o.o. Investment is to be located at 349 Warszawska Str. in Poznań. The contract value was agreed to be kept confidential.

The project will include a new two-storey sequence hall with transshipment zone. The project will also cover extension of existing hall to two-storey building. The usable area of the project will be 14,700 square metres. Current the project-related works are in progress. Construction work is to begin in the Q4 of 2012 and is scheduled to be completed in January of 2014.

The new production and warehouse facility is not the first project carried out by the Poznań Branch of HOCHTIEF Polska for the local Volkswagen unit. Previous contracts completed by HOCHTIEF Polska include construction of paintshop, expansion of the car assembly hall along with the adjacent staff facilities, office building as well as the equipment hall of special-purpose vehicles, assembly hall and welding hall.