HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Poznań constructed office complex in Szczecin city centre – Opening ceremony on November 8, 2012

The project included construction of a modern office complex with two independent buildings (Brama Portowa I and Brama Portowa II) in the centre of Szczecin, at Brama Portowa square. The investment developer is SwedeCenter. Brama Portowa I is a six-storey building comprising more than 4,500 square metres of office and commercial area. Brama Portowa II is a seven-storey building. Its total floor area amounts to 8,000 square metres. The lower storeys of the buildings with a total area of approximately 2,000 square metres are earmarked for retail and services. The other storeys serve as office space. The project makes it possible to flexibly divide and arrange the individual floors and thus allow to adjust the size of the units to the varied tenants’ requirements. In underground garages, 58 parking lots as well as bicycle stands have been created. The project has been implemented complete with ecological solutions enabling application for LEED certification. The Brama Portowa I and II office complex is the first commercial project in Szczecin to strive for LEED certification. In line with sustainable construction regulations, the project has been equipped with innovative water and energy-saving systems, optimal sunlight access, waste degradation, roofing providing protection against the “heat island effect”, and bicycle parking spaces for the tenants. Another attractive feature of the complex is its location which offers easy access to the main means of public transport.