The new production facility of VOSS Automotive Polska to be completed in summer 2014.

HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Poznań has been commissioned to extend a production facility in Nowa Wieś Legnicka in the municipality Legnickie Pole. The contract value was agreed to be kept confidential. The investor of the project is the company VOSS Automotive Polska Sp. z o.o. which offers an extensive portfolio of efficient system solutions for the international commercial vehicle and passenger car industry as well as for off-road vehicle and engine construction. In close collaboration with customers, VOSS designs and optimizes its line and connection technology in the vehicle systems of today and tomorrow.

The scope of works includes construction of a new production and warehouse hall with an administrative and office part as well as with social and technical rooms. The project also involves realization of all installations and external infrastructure, i.e. roads and external places. The new buildings will be constructed next to the existing factory of VOSS Automotive Polska. Their total area will amount to about 12,700 square metres. The construction works commence in November 2013 and will end in July 2014.