The Warsaw’s branch of HOCHTIEF Polska was commissioned to construct the 1st stage of the residential complex Moko at Magazynowa Street in Warsaw's Mokotów district, close to the office quarters. The investor is Ronson Development. The project includes construction of two residential buildings (A, B) of increased standard, as well as realization of underground car parks, access road and technical infrastructure. The first – stage building will have eight above ground storeys and two underground storeys. Its total area will amount to around 26 800 square meters. On the ground floor, in a part with access from a street, there has been planned 15 service rooms. The building A will house 81 apartments, and the building B 83 apartments with a floor area from 32 to 119 square meters (from one-room to four-room apartments). The both buildings will be located on a common underground part, where aside from 230 parking lots, here will be also storerooms as well as technical spaces. Construction of the 1st stage will commence in September 2014, completion is scheduled for May 2016.

A common garden space with entrances from internal buildings’ patios will constitute a main area of the housing estate. The design follows specific solutions that architectural solutions of the housing estate refer to character and development of the district of Upper Mokotów: buildings finished mainly with plaster and bricks imitate tenement houses from the area of  Niepodległości  and Rakowiecka streets.

The housing estate Moko is the eleventh project having or being realized be HOCHTIEF Polska for the company Ronson Development. Examples of these projects are among others the housing estate Gemini I and II at Komisji Edukacji Narodowej Avenue and buildings A and B in the housing complex at Kłobucka Street, where the next investment phase, i.e. buildings C and D, have being constructed.