HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Warsaw is implementing the NewCold Distribution Centre located in the Łódź Special Economic Zone, Subzone Kutno. The investor of the project is NewCold Sp. z o.o. The author of the construction design and the entity managing the investment is Arcadis Sp. z o.o. The contract value was agreed to be kept confidential. The final acceptance of the investment is planned for November 2015.

The main part of the complex is a high-bay warehouse for food industry products, the so-called freezer, in which the temperature will be -27˚C. The facility will cover an area of ​​12 389 sqm, its height will reach 29.95 m. The "cold" process rooms will also include a shipping room with an area of ​​3 262 sqm, and a repacking room, located directly two floors above it. At the remaining parts of the complex there are technical rooms (refrigeration plant, oxygen reduction plant, battery room, transformer station, process switchgear room) and a complex of office rooms. On the premises, covering in total the area of ​​59 908 sqm, an underground infrastructure and a network of roads and parking areas for trucks, trailers, cars and  single-track vehicles has been planned. The area is going to be completely fenced, planted with vegetation, also access control and monitoring equipment will be installed.