The investment will be completed in summer 2016

HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Kraków was contracted to build the 2nd stage of The Dom w Dolinie Trzech Stawów (House in the Three Ponds Valley) – a modern residential complex at Sikorskiego Street in Katowice. The contract value was agreed to be kept confidential. Investor of the project is OKAM Trzy Stawy Sp. z o.o.

The project includes construction of a residential building as a stage C and D with one underground level and eight overground storeys. The garage with 86 parking lots will be situated at the underground and one overground level. It will have separate entrance and exit at each level. In the building, from the 1st to 8th floor, there will be 56 single- to four rooms apartments. The total area of the 2nd stage of the investment will amount 7 510 square meters. An Area between the both buildings has been designed as an inner courtyard. Construction works of the 2nd stage will start in June 2015 and last for 15 months.

HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Kraków was also a general contractor of the 1st stage of the Dom w Dolinie Trzech Stawów housing complex. Buildings A and B with 99 apartments and eight commercial premises were accomplished in June 2014.