About 8 000 square meters of modern commercial area will be built during 14 months

HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Kraków was contracted to build an office center with a service part in Kraków Czyżyny. The contract value was agreed to be kept confidential. Investor of the project is Lobos Nieruchomości S.C. Construction works will start in July 2015 and finish in September 2016. The building has been designed in accordance with the guidelines of the LEED certification.

The project includes construction of the four storey office building with one underground storey for 40 parking lots a well as for warehouse facilities, waste storage rooms, and technical rooms.  The scope of works encompasses also area management inclusive green areas, construction of technical infrastructure, i.e. parking place for 52 cars, internal roads, pavements as well as rebuilding of existing road exits. The building with a total area of 8,007 square meters will be constructed on the ground of 1,596 square meters. The green ground will occupy 950 square meters.