HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Warsaw completed execution of the shell of the facilities being built in the stage II B of the housing estate construction

On 6 August 2015, a symbolic perch was suspended on the construction of the stage II B of the Sokratesa Park & Art residential complex at Sokratesa 13 Street in Warsaw, in the Bielany district. The investor of the facility is the Sokratesa Development company.
The execution of the stage II of the project was divided into two parts. The construction of the stage II A finished in June 2015. Currently, acceptances, which are aimed at receiving a use permit, are in progress. The works at the execution of the stage II B began in September 2014. Their completion is forecast for February 2016. Within the execution of this stage, a nine-storey building, which is a natural continuation of the building executed in the stage II A, was built. Two underground storeys in the building were intended for garages. In the ground part, service and office premises will be located. The building of a total area of approx. 19,500 sqm. will contain 173 apartments (one-, two-, three-, and four-room ones) with sizes ranging from 32 to 84 sqm., 12 service premises with area ranging from 30 to 102 sqm., 4 office premises, and 148 spaces in the underground garage. The building will also contain storage areas and garage boxes for single-track vehicles. Functional structure and standard of the apartments respond to the current market's demand.

After completion of the construction of the stage II B, the Sokratesa Park & Art residential and service complex will create a cohesive complex of four buildings: two ones containing 297 apartments executed in July 2012, and another two ones with 300 newly built apartments and service premises as well as offices.

'We have completed the works related to the shell of the buildings in the stage II B of the housing estate. Now, we are executing the works related to the roof and the façade. We have also begun installation and finishing works in the premises' Wojciech Kasprowicz, the Contract Manager of the HOCHTIEF Poland Branch in Warsaw, said.

The author of both stages of the investment is the MKC Architekci studio.
The Sokratesa Park & Art housing estate’s location in close proximity to the Młociny metro station and woodlands and recreation grounds as well as the availability of services are its advantage. The estate will be guarded for 24 hours a day and will have a closed-circuit television.