Discussions of experts about the investment potential of the industrial construction and logistics market

On September 15, 2015, at the Poznań International Trade Fair, the Cooperation Exchange conference, under the heading "Investment development strategies", was held. The conference was organized by HOCHTIEF Polska, and its executive partner Construction Club. Patronage over the event was taken by the Polish Agency of Information and Foreign Investments (PAIiIZ). The meeting was addressed to the representatives of the logistics and industrial investment market. The main topic of the meeting was the investment potential of the construction and logistics market with a focus on investments planned to be implemented in the Special Economic Zones (SEZ).

"Efficient business operations assume constant, consistent analysing of market development trends and adjusting their strategic activities to new expectations of investors. The most valuable conclusions can be reached during partnership talks with a wide range of companies and institutions operating in the industry. Therefore, we decided to organize a series of business meetings in the form of a cooperation exchange, i.e. a communication platform for entities cooperating in the preparation and implementation of investments. We want this conference to be beneficial for all of us, for the participants of today's event" – said Henryk Liszka, CEO of HOCHTIEF Polska, when summing up the concept of the conference.

The speakers and panelists invited to the September meeting, among others, presented government initiatives that increase the attractiveness of Polish regions, financing of innovative projects and products, as well as discussed the business models of the investments' implementations. Mr. Adam Małecki, the Deputy Director of the Foreign Investment Department at PAIiIZ, pointed out in his speech a number of possibilities for the implementation of industrial and logistics investments in the SEZ.

"The investment attractiveness of the Special Economic Zones is a derivative of the investment attractiveness of the regions and even individual micro-regions. The starting point to create the best investment conditions should, therefore, be the cooperation of local authorities and the government, as well as SSE for the benefit of the human capital development, preparation of the investment areas and the improvement of road infrastructure" – as Mr. Adam Małecki, the Deputy Director of the Foreign Investment Department at PAIiIZ summed up.

In the second part of the meeting, its participants took part in the presentations of selected planned industrial and logistics projects. The September Cooperation Exchange was the second meeting of this kind. The first one was held in January, this year, in Warsaw, and was dedicated to the investment sector of the real estate market.