Discussions of experts on the development strategy of investments in the area of Special Economic Zones (SEZ)

On 6 April 2016, at the Angelo Hotel Katowice, the Cooperation Fair conference, under the theme “Investment development strategies on the territory of Special Economic Zones”, was held. The organizer of the conference was HOCHTIEF Polska, and its executive partner was Construction Club.

The meeting was aimed at representatives of the industrial and logistics investment market as well as the segment of commercial projects. The main subject of the meeting were investment and reinvestment plans for the years 2016-2018 in SEZ, including the area of southern Poland. The Conference took the form of a communication platform for entities cooperating in the process of preparation and implementation of the investment. It was completed with the presentation of several planned investments of the industrial and logistics sector.

“The business meetings in the form of an exchange of cooperation are a good opportunity to talk about the investment plans for certain regions. The theme of today's Conference is to, a great extent, focused on the area of the Kraków Branch of HOCHTIEF Polska. In fact, inter alia, we specialize in the implementation of industrial and logistics projects. These are the market segments and planned commercial and public facilities that we do link with our plans for the further development of the activities of the branch in Kraków. We are pleased that the planned investments, among others in the south of Poland, could today be discussed with the representatives of the companies that are well familiar with the trends and projects’ feasibility in the Special Economic Zones” – as Mariusz Jędrzejczyk, Director of HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Kraków summed up the Conference.

The April Cooperation Fair was the third meeting of this type. The first one was held in January 2015, in Warsaw, and was dedicated to the investment sector of the real estate market. The subject of the second meeting, which took place in September 2015 in Poznań, was the investment potential of the logistics and industrial construction market.