The awarded project carried out by the consortium composed of HOCHTIEF Polska and HOCHTIEF Solutions AG – the investment, where history has come full circle

The award was granted in the category of municipal facilities and communication in the XXVI edition of the ”Construction of the year” competition, organized by the Polish Society of Civil Engineers. The award ceremony took place on 24 May 2016 at headquarters of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (NOT), in Warsaw. The distinction is a birthday gift for the facility that was put at the disposal of travelers almost a year ago. The work on the project began in September 2012 and ended in April 2015.

As a result of the work, the facility of approx. 60,000 square meters was erected; it is equipped with the infrastructure required to handle the passengers. 48 check-in desks, offices and cash desks of airlines, travel agent’s offices, security checkpoints, two Executive Lounges, rooms of prayer and meditation for different religions, a minor injuries unit and a baggage handling system (BHS). The travelers can also benefit from car rentals, commercial premises, restaurants, coffee shops and a bank, whereas easy access to the local railway station provides a 60-meter tunnel. For people seeing off the travelers, an observation deck, which is also available for the disabled, was prepared. On the terminal roof, photovoltaic cells with the total area of 7,000 square meters were installed. The scope of work also included the integration of Terminal A with Terminal T2, thanks to which the facility forms a whole in terms of architectural, technical and functional aspects.

The work related to the construction of Terminal A was preceded by a comprehensive demolition of terminal T1 located at this place, built by HOCHTIEF in 1990-1992. It was the first order implemented by HOCHTIEF in Poland. Thus, history has come full circle. In the summer of 2011, the subsidiaries of HOCHTIEF completed the expansion of Chopin Airport in Warsaw, which included the construction of the central pier and finalizing the construction of pier of the South Terminal.

The prize in the competition ”Construction of the year” for Terminal A is the eighth award granted by the Polish Society of Civil Engineers for an investment implemented by HOCHTIEF Polska.