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Time of construction: 12.2016-01.2019
Total area: about 80 800 square meters
Number of apartments: 670
General contractor: HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Warsaw
Investor: J.W. Construction Holding S.A.

Characterisation: Construction of two buildings: a residential building and a multifunctional building with hotel suites, flats as well as service facilities, company offices, a restaurant and a fitness centre.

The number of above-ground storeys will vary from 7 to 14 in different parts of the residential building with some lower sections of 5 and 6 storeys. The building will consist of 670 flats with areas varying from 25 to 160 square meters. Garages will be located on three underground levels and on a part of the ground level. The total useable floor area of the residential building with the garage space will be 59,800 square meters.

The second part of the project concerns a building with 12 above-ground storeys and 2 underground levels. This building will feature hotel suites and flats. The ground floor will have access to various services, while the first floor will have a restaurant, a fitness club and office space. The total useable floor area of the building with garage space will be about 21,000 square meters.