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HOCHTIEF Polska singed two lease agreements with Vastint Poland. The first involves the rental of 3,100 m2 of office space in Business Garden Warsaw, to which HOCHTIEF Polska’s Headquarters and Branch Warsaw will be moving in few months. The other agreement relates to 800 m2 office space in Business Garden Poznań that will be occupied by Branch Poznan. HOCHTIEF Polska, specializing in building and infrastructure construction projects for public and private investors, was the general contractor of the first and second phase of Business Garden Warsaw and is now building the second stage of Business Garden in Wrocław.

Adrian Ziubiński, responsible for the process of negotiation of lease agreements on behalf of HOCHTIEF Polska emphasizes: “We were looking for high standard buildings offering solutions which improve comfort of work and reduce operating costs. We chose Business Gardens since they excellently meet such requirements. We are glad that we can continue our good cooperation with Vastint Poland, which was initiated at the construction phase of Business Garden in Warsaw. As the contractor of the Warsaw project, we know that Vastint’s projects represent very high standards. Now, our employees will also benefit from such quality”.

Anna Szmilewska, Senior Leasing Manager Vastint Poland says: “We are glad that another client believes that we can be trusted and chose Business Garden not only as its registered office but also the location of its regional office. I am convinced that the comfortable working environment which is offered by our business parks and their hospitality will be appreciated by HOCHTIEF’s employees.”

Business Garden is an outstanding modern business park concept realized by Vastint in Warsaw, Poznań and Wrocław. Balanced combination of office space with access to material associated services, recreational and leisure facilities is one of the main features of this concept.

Undoubtedly, a distinctive feature of the projects is an above average share of green areas designed in the form of vast gardens. In the gardens’ relaxation zones, employees can rest or practice outdoor sports using the available infrastructure. The contact zones, on the other hand, constitute an ideal place for formal or informal meetings.

Furthermore, the scale of the projects makes it possible to introduce a wide range of amenities which is modified and increased according to the tenants’ expectations. The tenants’ employees can run many everyday errands in the complex during their lunch break or after leaving the office. The complexes offer a number of amenities for bikers. The Business Garden concept is complemented by the “Hospitality” program, which includes among others free events for tenants.


Od dnia 1 stycznia 2020 r. siedziba spółki HOCHTIEF Polska oraz jej Oddziału w Warszawie znajdują się pod adresem:

ul. Żwirki i Wigury 14
02-092 Warszawa
Tel.: +48 22 364 51 00
Fax: +48 22 364 51 10

Od tego dnia właściwym adresem Oddziału w Poznaniu jest:

ul. Pastelowa 6
60-198 Poznań
Tel.: +48  61 859 22 00
Fax: +48  22 364 51 10

Adres Oddziału w Krakowie nie uległ zmianie.