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The works are planned to be completed in mid-2021.
HOCHTIEF Polska signed a contract for construction of the 1st stage of the Airport City Gdańsk office complex. The contract value amounts to nearly PLN 66 million nett. The project is carried out for Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport. Construction works will begin this year and are planned to be completed in Q2/Q3 2021.
Under the scope of works, HOCHTIEF Polska will build at Słowackiego Str. in Gdańsk an office building named Alpha with service premises on the ground floor. The object will have six over-ground storeys and a total area of about 16,600 square meters. In the double-story underground garage more than 175 parking lots will be built and another 22 in the car park on ground level.
The facade of the object will be made of aluminium-composite cladding. It will contain characteristic metal elements in the shape inspired by the ailerons wings of the aircraft. The facade lightning will refer to the aitcraft position lights, and the name of the building—“Alpha”—to the NATO-ICAO phonetic alphabet used for spelling in aviation in the radio communication.
The object will be built in accordance with the LEED GOLD certification standard. 

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