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Time of construction: 06.2017-12.2018
Usable area: nearly 1,560 square metres
General contractor: HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Warsaw
Investor: Grupa Liebrecht & wooD and BBI Development NFI S.A.

Characterisation: Revitalisation of two historic buildings in the commercial part of the located in the former Koneser Warsaw Distillery in Praga district. The building “G” with three overground storeys and single-storey building “I” were rebuilt and adapted for catering function.

- For execution of the project HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Warsaw received The Diamond of Infrastructure and Construction in The Realization of the Year – Building Construction category. The award is given by the Executive Club in cooperation with the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers (Polski Zwiazek Pracodawcow Budownictwa).