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Area: 10 500 m kw.
Time of construction: 05.2018-06.2020
Investor: Polish Air Navigation Services Agency

Description: Design and build of the new Air Traffic Control Center at 1 Radarowa Str. in Poznań. The commission includes: technical infrastructure, demolition of existing objects, adaptation and modernization of a 24-meter-high tower, construction of an access road and a car park with at least 120 parking lots. The total area of the new objects will amount to nearly 10,000 square meters. In accordance with the investor’s guidelines, all installations will be designed in a BIM-type environment (Building Information Modelling).

The Air Traffic Control Center in Poznań will be built in the neighbourhood of the Poznań-Ławica Airport, where the HOCHTIEF Polska Branch in Poznań expanded and modernized the passenger terminal between 2011 and 2013.