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Time of construction: 06.2019 - 12.2021
Area: almost 28,700 square metres
Investor: University of Warsaw
Description: Construction of a science and didactic building with four overground and two underground stories will be constructed. Its total area will add up to nearly 28,700 square meters and its usable area to over 24,700 square meters. The new building will be used by didactic units of both the Faculty of Modern Languages and the Faculty of Applied Linguistics. Beside didactic, library, social and gastronomic areas, it will feature a garden and space for walking on the roof. The new object will be connected with an existing building of the first stage (in front of University of Warsaw Library) and equipped with photovoltaic installations. The contract also comprises creation of a so-called BIM as-built model including all construction trades and any changes integrated during works execution. It will support operation of the building.