©Donat Brykczyński

Time of construction: 05.2010-03.2014
Total area: 53,000 square metres
Nett floor area: about 48,100 square metres
Number of flats: 252
Investor: Tacit Development Polska

Characterisation: The project includes a 44-storey 252-apartment building as well as a five-storey commercial building, whose space is occupied by offices and services. The four commercial floors (with shops, restaurants and offices) form a base above which the residential tower rises. The underground part of the complex has been designed as parking space for 299 vehicles. The space between the commercial building, with its future cafes, boutiques and offices, and the base part of the residential skyscraper has been roofed with glass. Five lifts provide the residents with access to the floors of the tower, two high-speed ones reach floors 32 through 43, another two serve the remaining levels and the fifth one is used for technical purposes.

The residents of the new building at Twarda Street are able to use a gym and business clubs located at level 4. The same storey includes access to a panoramic terrace overlooking the Grzybowski Square, Emilii Plater Street and all the four directions.

Unique solutions:
The Cosmopolitan project is an example of a high-rise building that was executed involving a technology used in construction of bridges.

In 2016 Cosmopolitan Twarda 2/4 Building has been awarded the Architectural Prize of the Mayor of Warsaw in the category of residential architecture – single building.