As an internationally successful company, we operate in many different political systems and jurisdictions. Protecting and maintaining HOCHTIEF’s reputation is a top priority for us. Every employee must therefore be capable of doing the right thing. Illegal company practices must be avoided without any exception. HOCHTIEF has therefore introduced a Compliance System in order to counter this challenge in the best possible way.

All our business operations, including the construction services that we provide, are performed pursuant to the principles of business ethics formulated in the HOCHTIEF's "Code of Conduct" as well as in the "Code of Conduct for Business Partners".  Among the regulations that have been developed, you will also find the Digital Whistleblower System, through which HOCHTIEF employees can report incidents confidentially or anonymously. We also encourage all our business partners to use the whistleblowing system. Reporting is done through a secure channel to protect data.

Whether corruption or human rights violations: those responsible at HOCHTIEF can only respond if they are informed of such incidents. Therefore, it is essential to report suspected violations of laws and policies.

You can learn about safe reporting at Hochtief - Home ( Please select the appropriate language under the English tab.

At HOCHTIEF Polska S.A. by a resolution of the Board of Directors in 2022, a security policy for information constituting a business secret was implemented in accordance with the requirements of the Act on Combating Unfair Competition, amended and adapted to the directive of the European Parliament and the EU Council (Journal of Laws 

Information constituting a business secret of HOCHTIEF Polska S.A. meets the prerequisites of the definition of the aforementioned Act listed in Article 11 Section 4 of the aforementioned Act.

All employees and associates of our Company have been trained in the protection of information constituting business secrets, have certificates of participation in the training and have undertaken to keep such information confidential. 

The function of Compliance Manager in HOCHTIEF Polska S.A is performed by Agnieszka Pułjanowska, Attorney at law.
Any violation of applicable laws and ethical standards can be reported as follows:
- via a dedicated telephone line: +48 783 006 090 or
- via e-mail to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.