Successful Employees are one of the key concepts of the HOCHTIEF Group. This is why we put significant emphasis on the exchange of experiences, work in co-operating teams and continuous improvement of job-related skills and abilities.


Every year HOCHTIEF Polska designs a training programme based on the Employees' development needs and the strategy of the company. Our Employees have an opportunity to take part in trainings, which support development of “soft” and computer skills, technical and law knowledge and also language courses. Individual career paths are created during annual Development Conversations, based on Employees’ needs and professional goals, given by the company.

HOCHTIEF Polska also looks after balance between professional and private life and Employees’ health, securing among others healthcare, organising annual vaccinations against flu and cofinances entry tickets to fitness clubs, gyms, swimming pools, dance classes and other sport activities. Thanks to finances from the Company’s Found of Social Benefits Employees can go to cinema, theatre, take part in concerts or company’s trips.


As a responsible employer HOCHTIEF Polska ensures for Employees balanced work environment, which gives development opportunities.       


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