In HOCHTIEF Polska the OHS service in responsible for duties, which come from The Labour Law and others laws, which refer to occupational health and safety. The OHS service reports directly to the authority of the company and has role of advisory and control.

Meanwhile in every company of HOCHTIEF Group effect internal laws and a set of good practices of the OHS, which every Employee is obliged to follow.

To improve the safety in the construction business HOCHTIEF Polska in August 2010 have joined as one of the signatories to “the Cooperation for Safety in Construction”. This is an initiative of twelve general contractors, which purpose is improvement of safety on construction sites in Poland. The Cooperation aims to realize a number of projects that introduce system solutions in the area of Occupational Health and Safety, among others: common standard of documents, model for approval of professional qualifications of construction employees or periodical trainings. The goals of the Cooperation are promotion of the safety culture, making employees aware of construction sties’ hazards and consequently elimination of risks.
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On May 25, 2012 signatories of the Cooperation for Safety in Construction signed “The requirements of occupational health and safety”. This document describes expectations of general contractors from subcontractors in the area of safety requirements. “The requirements of occupational health and safety” are an appendix to the deal between general contractors and their business partners – subcontractors. They unify deals between signatories of the Cooperation. They are a part of a deal between the procurer and the contractor, who is obliged to organise and run the works in a way that guarantees safety and healthy work conditions, including securing materials, that are necessary to finish the given works in safety way. Moreover they oblige subcontractors to cooperate with signatories of the Cooperation in the area of OHS – during preparing as well as realisation of the building.

“The requirements of occupational health and safety” are based on the Polish law and internal safety procedures of the signatories of the Cooperation. Many subcontractors cooperate with several general contractors. Unifying documents of the OHS, which is used during cooperation with companies, will help to build homogenous standards of work on the construction sites in Poland.





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