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HOCHTIEF spends a large portion of total Group Income every year on the procurement of materials and services.

Favorable purchasing terms are just one essential element of successful procurement. HOCHTIEF focuses increasingly on optimizing procurement processes as well as building up effective purchasing strategies with the objective to take advantage of synergies from cooperation with our suppliers and subcontractors.

Procurement Department of HOCHTIEF Polska S.A. is responsible for the purchasing subcontractor services and building materials for business units and projects. We use an extensive network of suppliers and subcontractors. HOCHTIEF Polska S.A. also offers external customers the opportunity to benefit from cooperation with he extension suppliers market both internal and external and the procurement economies of scale  achieved by a global operating company.


Cooperation in the spirit of partnership

Cooperation in a spirit of partnership is based on three key pillars:

Fairness - HOCHTIEF promotes trusting and fair relations with its suppliers and subcontractors. All our activities base on standardize procedures concerning processes as well as relationship management.

Competition - HOCHTIEF is committed to fair and open competition in the global markets. We look for capable and reliable business partners who have the same commitment.

Trust - One of the key prerequisites for successful cooperation is trust. Information on suppliers and subcontractors is handled confidentially, and we expect the same confidentiality from our suppliers and subcontractors.


Our principles

Ethical principles are a cornerstone to business activities of the HOCHTIEF Group.

As a globally operating Group, HOCHTIEF respects regional laws, regulations and local business practices. At the same time, HOCHTIEF adheres strictly to its high management standards and its self-chosen ethical principles.

Our ethical principles for the procurement are outlined in “Terms of cooperation of HOCHTIEF Polska S.A. with suppliers and subcontractors”. This terms describes the key value, responsibilities and rules of conduct for all HOCHTIEF employees involved in the procurement process. It complements the “HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct”, which defines the general principles of ethical behavior within our company.

HOCHTIEF also requires its subcontractors and suppliers to follow high ethical standards. HOCHTIEF cooperates only with partners who meet these standards. Those standards are defined in our “Code of Conduct for Business Partners”.   

Documents for download

a.  HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct

b.  Code of Conduct for Business Partners

c.  Terms of Cooperation of HOCHTIEF S.A. with suppliers
     and subcontractors

d.   Sectors list

e. Health and Safety Requirements - see there