©Hines Polska, ©HOCHTIEF Polska

Time of construction: 06.2014-05.2016
Total area: 48,000 square meters
Investor: Hines Polska
Characterisation: During the 1st stage of construction of the office complex Proximo in Warsaw, 13 above ground storeys and three underground storeys were built. In addition to the office space, the building includes also a retail and service space, with retail outlets, a restaurant and fitness rooms. In the underground levels of the building, aside from a car park, there are also rooms for the service staff and changing rooms and showers for cyclists. The underground car park is able to hold up to 435 cars. Additional parking space are available on the ground floor as well as in the open parking area outside of the building. In the building, there are eleven elevators, of which nine supports the higher levels of the building, while the other two forms the communication backbone for the lower part of the building. The building was designed in accordance with the guidelines for BREEAM certification, level "very good".

A characteristic element of the structure is its facade in the form of a composition of glazing and strips of windows and walls. The form of the elevation ensures maximum lighting of the office spaces and protection against noise from the street. The building includes elevators and toilets for the disabled on every floor and is fully accessible for the handicapped.

Within 2016-2018 HOCHTIEF Polska has built the 2nd stage of the Proximo office complex.